Yoshimichi Makiyama and Daniel Albrecht have entered a cooperation in Japanese/German and Japanese/Chinese business as of January, 2014

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As of January 2014 Yoshimichi Makiyama from KITAMURA & MAKIYAMA Law Firm in Tokyo and Daniel Albrecht in Beijing entered a cooperation to provide high level legal services for clients who are involved into the Japanese/German and Japanese/Chinese business.


Mr. Albrechts`s team will consist of several cooperation partners in Germany.

After both of us worked nearly one and a half year closed together at a law firm in Tokyo, we decided to leave the law firm to pursue new business opportunities and to provide a better and stable service in a different environment.

??Mr. Makiyama and Mr. Albrecht, have international legal experiences and working for a range of clients in various industries. Both are experienced in cross-border matters and projects, possessing an intimate understanding of international law, business practices and government policy that goes beyond knowledge of laws and regulations. ?

Taking advantage of our international experience and our global network of lawyers in Japan, Germany, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Framce. Korea, Taiwan and other European and Asian countries, we are committed to handle international businesses matters in an efficient and dedicated manner.

?The new constellation will outilize our skills and know-how on IP and corporate matters.?We have a strong team in our background to provide a full legal service special into Japanese and German matters. We are supported by experienced translators in our backoffices, with that we deal together before.  The new team works in an effort to provide clients with reliable, practical and timely services without language boarders and better as you know it from our old firm in the past.

For clients with that we work together before in that constellation, we are able to offer a special price to make a change easier for you.

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